Album Review: For Now by DMA’S

DMA27s-2-768x432.jpgPhoto: SYN Media

DMA’s second album is a hit of 90s Brit-rock nostalgia right to the face.  The Sydney trio have managed to take everything that was good about their debut album, Hills End, and create a much more diverse, well rounded second LP. But of course, it wouldn’t be a DMA’s album if there were no catchy ballads or infectious sing-alongs. The lead single, ’Dawning’, is reminiscent of one of the band’s earliest releases, ‘Laced’. Layered with acoustic guitars and punchy guitar riffs, this song embodies the iconic sound that DMA’s are so well known for.

Each track warrants a place on the album but there are a few crown jewels that really stand out. The title track, ‘For Now’, is a perfect fusion of warped guitar melodies, groovy bass hooks and sporadic drum fills, brought together by lead singer, Tommy O’Dell’s forlorn lyrics. Dressed in daggy sportswear and forever donning a scungy cap, you wouldn’t expect O’Dell to produce such passionate, dreamy vocals. But you know what they say, looks can be deceiving.

Compared to their last album, For Now offers much more contrast between tracks, which keeps things interesting. Mellower songs like ‘In The Air’ and ‘Tape Deck Sick’ are a pleasant step away from DMA’s traditional sound, offering a more laid-back, Mac DeMarco-esque vibe. Listeners are then brought back from dreamland by more tempestuous songs like ‘Break Me’, which is sufficiently edgy and gushing with melancholy.

But what has really distinguished this album from Hills End is the noticeable influence of Kim Moyes (from the Presets), who co-produced the album. His guiding light shines through on songs like ‘Time and Money’, and ‘Do I Need You Now?’, which embrace Moyes love of tight, sonic percussion. ’The End’ also boasts a well-refined, infectious beat that you can’t help but move your body to.

DMA’s have produced a truly captivating album. The trio have successfully conquered the challenge of recreating the sound that their fans fell in love with, whilst also giving them a taste of something new.

Be sure to catch DMA’s on their national album tour next month. They’ll be hitting up Adelaide on Saturday 2 June at Thebarton Theatre with special guest, Hatchie.

Rating: 8/10

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